Cocky’s Circle Titles

A Crocodile to Tea         

A Lark on the Ark           

A New Coat for Spikey  

A Pet Dinosaur 

A Pirate Tale     

A Spider in the Kitchen  

A Surprise for Anna       

A Tadpole Tale 

A-Z of Pirates    

ABC Antics         

Across The Nullarbor    

All the way up the Mountain     

Alligator Fumes

An Aardvark in the Garden         

Angus McGamp’s Magic Stamp 

Around go the Days       

Arnold the Flying Ant    

Baby and Me    

Ben and Grandma         

Bertie the Bat   

Blue Boots        

Boomerang Race            

Bubble Trouble

Brave Captain Boldfoot 

Brave Little Mouse        

Captain Skilly’s Trawler 

Cheese Please! 

Colours Galore 

Cow up a Tree  

Crocodile Rock 

Diggy Dog          

Do not drop your jellybeans       


Down in the Woods      

Dragon in the Dungeon

Dumpling the Dragon    

Easy Peasy        

Emma’s Present

Farm Alarm       

Farmer May’s Mix-Up   

Feed Me!           

Five in Bed        

Flu at the Zoo   

Fred’s Fantastic Feat      

Giant at School 

Gertie the Skating Goose            

Go Cat, Go!       

Good Morning Who’s Snoring   

Gregor the Giant            

Hippo Hillary    

How many Grasshoppers?         

Hubert’s Sunny Saturday            

Humphrey the Hermit Crab        

I found a Baby Dinosaur

I saw it in the Sea           

I thought I saw a Dinosaur         


Jerome the Juggler        

Jolly Olly            

Jonathan Brown’s Pockets          

Jungle Jam        

Just Banana’s   

Katy’s Curls       

King Roger’s Crown       

Koala’s under the Bed   

Lavender the Library Cat             

Let’s get a Pet   


Lizzy’s Lunch     

Marley Goes to School  

Merlin the Magician      

Minnie Flies High           

Molly Snail’s Adventure

Monkey Madness          


Monster Garage Sale     

Mouse Monster

Move Over Grover         

Mr Smarty loves to Party            

Mr Smarty’s Party Shoes             

Mr Weatherspoon’s Weather Balloon    

Mrs Rafferty’s Sneeze   

My Brave Teddy Bear    

My Buddy         

My Family Tree

My Favourite (Animal)  

My Muddled-Up Robot 

My Piece of String          


Niffo Nox and His Socks

Nine-Dog Norm

No Mermaids Here!       

Number Nine Bus          

Ogre O’malley of Giant Valley    

Old MacDonald had a Band        


Oswald Bears Adventure            


Prudence the Pig            


Right Now!        

Sam’s Dragon   

Santa Down Under        

Santa’s New Suit             

Santa’s Summer Christmas

Sebastian the Sports Car

Sly, Old Lockjaw Croc

Something in the Bathtub

Tadpole Trouble

Tall Tales

Teddy Bear Alphabet

Ten Funny Bunnies

Ten Juicy Vegetables

Ten Loopy Caterpillars

That’s Really Weird

The Animal Countdown

The Best shape of all

The Big Little Mouse

The Birthday Bicycle

The Blue Cockatoo

The Bored Little Bear

The Boy Who Liked Shopping

The Brownest House

The Bugcatcher

The Bump

The Bush Baby Mix-Up

The Christmas Fairy

The Christmas Tree

The Clumsy Tooth Fairy

The Cooking Contest

The Cow Games

The Crazy Hazy Day

The Crocodile’s Teeth

The Delivery Bear

The Dragon’s Egg

The Easter Egg Robber

The Fight on the Hill

The Gonna Bird

The Great Eggscape

The Great Rabbit Rescue

The Grumpies

The Haircut

The Hairy Wombat

The Hobble Wobbles

The Kangaroo From Woolloomooloo

The Kangaroo’s Didgeridoo

The Little Engine

The Little Tugboat that Sneezed

The Magic Bike

The Magic of Marvin

The Magical Doorknob

The Magician’s Box

The Mean Octopus

The Monkey’s Wedding

The Most Scary Ghost

The Mucky Mud Hole

The Pirate Princess

The Rainbow Cat

The Rainbow Race

The Rain Dance

The Runaway Pig

The Shoe Grabber

The Singing Sheep

The Strange Egg

The Strange Things

The Submarine Ride

The Talent Show

The Teddy Snatcher

The Teeny-Weeny Genie

The Ten Dollar Coat

The Things I Like

The Tooth Fairy

The Train that Ran Away

The Tutti Frutti Shop

The Wild Woolly Child

The Wobbly Little House

The Wrong-way-around the World

The Yellow Blanket Blob

The Yellow Tractor

The Yukadoo’s

The Zookeeper

Times and Rhymes

Timothy Flynn

To Dream a Wazoo

Tom’s Hammer

Tom’s Trousers

Top Cat

Truck Driver Tim

Walking Through Australia

Whacky William

What a Lot of Mice!

What a Muddle!

What a rumpus

What do Crocodiles eat for Breakfast?

What if…?

What’s in the Bathroom

When the Moon was Blue

Who am I?

Who Lives in Here

Who took the Cake?

Who’s Maxwell?

Who’s There

Wild Words

Wish Horses

Yummy Honey

Zelda’s Dancing Feet

Zoo on the Loose